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About Bambados

A pool complex with many faces


Leave your everyday routine behind and dive into the Caribbean! At Bambados, you can enjoy a mini tropical vacation right in the middle of the World Heritage city of Bamberg.

Family, sports, and the environment are the principles that guide Bambados. This new indoor pool in Bamberg is a state-of-the-art leisure and sports pool complex that combines a family-friendly atmosphere with the highest environmental standards. Starting in November 2011, Bambados will offer a wide range of services at fair prices − a pool for you and your entire family!




The adventure area is designed specifically to meet the needs of families. The adventure area on the ground floor features a large 350-m2 recreational pool, and the roof garden boasts an outdoor pool. A special area just for children includes a children’s pool with a pirate ship and a large regular playground. Two water slides promise lots of fun for visitors of all ages. On the tire slide, visitors shoot down an enclosed 76-meter tunnel; a 67-meter whitewater canal is right next to it.

Visitors to the two-level sauna area can relax in five saunas, a steam room, and under open skies. In addition, a separate spa is connected to the sauna area.




The sports area offers a large swimming pool with eight 50-meter lanes designed for swimming competitions and a variety of other water sports. In addition to the sports pool, two teaching pools offer plenty of room for swimming lessons and fitness classes.

In the summer, Bambados will be operated in conjunction with the adjacent Stadionbad outdoor swimming pool, which offers an additional eight 50-meter lanes for sports and recreational swimmers.



Bambados is the first indoor pool complex in Europe that has been constructed and certified according to passive-house standards. That means that it is designed to be particularly energy-efficient. The building has highly efficient power and heating and uses mostly renewable resources from the region to generate both heat and power. Compared to a conventionally built swimming pool, Bambados uses 60 percent less energy and generates 80 percent fewer CO2 emissions.